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VIS Healthcare Marketing is a full-service marketing company that has been helping healthcare companies and medical professionals build their brands and generate appointments. From online marketing to offline, media & PR to referrals, we do it all for you.

Our highly trained in-house team is well versed with Ahpra compliant and results-focused marketing strategies. We don’t like to brag but if you want to know, we have done pretty amazing stuff and generated results for healthcare companies of all sizes including Australian Dental Association Victoria Branch (ADAVB), Australian Association of Muskuloskeletal Medicine (AAMM), Bupa Dental, Dr Hillel New, Dr Paul Wright, My Podiatrist, Podium, Practice Sale Search, just to name a few. Our director Prabin Gautam is a regular lecturer at the esteemed ADAVB.

You can say that we are a specialist when it comes to healthcare and medical marketing.

Want to find out how we can help you with our full-service medical marketing agency in Australia?

Our Unique 5D Process


This is the initial process of actually understanding your business, your needs and wants, and where your vision of business growth. We take this opportunity to collect as much information as possible to build the right strategies to hit where it matters.


Based on project objectives, competitive data, market research, analysis, & discussion ideas, now our team will design prototypes and proof of concepts based on your specific needs. We will map out the design solution according to your requirements.


Once you approve the design solution map, we will start preparing to launch your campaign. This will include testing the system, setting up your marketing campaigns to roll out.


Once we launch the campaign or project, our next step is to ensure that everything is going smoothly. We also work with your team hand in hand for an effective and measurable process.


We believe that delivering you the results you want is the most important factor, thus we make sure the results we deliver to you meet your expectations & objectives.

Why Choose Us


We are a leading healthcare marketing agency in Australia that has helped a wealth of clients across many medical and allied health fields. Over 15 years, we have earnt the trust of some top names in Australian healthcare, such as ADA and AAMM.


We don’t do halves. We provide a full-service marketing strategy that sees a 20–30% increase in new patients and appointments in just 90 days.


We don’t just report data—we liaise with your team to ensure you are getting results, which we measure and communicate on a weekly basis. We work with you every day—not just at the monthly meeting with an overwhelming volume of statistics.


We as an trusted medical marketing agency in Australia that knows the AHPRA advertising guidelines inside out. You can rest assured that our industry knowledge is second to none. We know everything from the correct terminologies to what services contribute more towards your revenue.


We believe that our partnership should be voluntary, not an obligation. Work with us for as long as you wish to—there are no lock-in contracts at this medical marketing agency!


Marketing for medical practices needn’t be controversial. When you enter into a full-service mutual agreement with us, we will not work with any competing companies in your local area. Our full-service marketing comes with exclusivity and confidentiality.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

VIS team’s suggestions and overview of our business web presence and branding was exceptional – highly recommended for any branding, website and online marketing you need in your business.
Paul Wright
Prabin and his team at VIS are true professionals that understand the meaning of quality service backed up by great client outcomes. But more importantly, you’re always greeted with Prabin’s amazing smile!
Billy Chow
National Board Member of Australian Chiropractors​ Association
I received 60 New Cosmetic Dental Leads last month. They directly liaise with my staff working as one single team and provide full service marketing solution, making my life easy and helping me be seen as the top cosmetic dentist in my area.
Dr Sigal Jacobson
Jacobson Dental Group

Work That Excites Us

Australian Dental Association Victoria Branch (ADAVB)

My Podiatrist

K1 Dental Toorak

Bodyright Healthcare

Sandgate Doctors

Anzac Highway Chiropractic

How we can help you?

Here are some few frequently asked questions to get to know us better.
If you’re a doctor and have gaps in your schedule, using medical marketing can help you acquire new patients and build your reputation at the same time.
If you want to boost your referral numbers and promote your medical practice to increase local visibility, you need marketing. It’s a big, continual task which you may not have time for, which is why it’s a great idea to hire a medical marketing expert to help you reach your goals.
The 4 P’s in healthcare marketing are price, placement, product and promotion. These P’s are essential in running a successful business.
A healthcare marketing agency can help you with lead generation campaigns, promote brand awareness, and attract healthcare customers. Ideally, they will offer long-term growth strategies, such as keeping your customers engaged and providing repeat service.
Staying ahead of your competition is essential in the medical world. But, lack of time is a huge factor if you’re running all aspects of your business. Leave it up to the experts: relying on a digital marketing agency to take care of your marketing means you have one less part of your business to focus on.
A medical marketing agency plays an important role in helping healthcare professionals provide value to their local community. They do this in a number of ways, especially by creating and communicating an online presence and practising digital marketing strategies such as keyword research or SEO.

An Insight to Our Healthcare Marketing Services

Paul Wright

How to Overcome the Labour Shortage in the Health Industry

Healthcare Video Production

Capturing the essence of Ballarat Health Services in an impactful way.

Dr Michael Sernik

If you are looking for marketing, Prabin and his team are the one to talk to.

Dr Sigal Jacobson

I got 60 new cosmetic Dental Patients in a month. The team makes my marketing so easy.

Sandgate Doctors

Their strategies are way more efficient to market our clinic and position Dr Sanay Gadiyar.

Dr Margaret Taylor

Helping promote your medical services through an educative and evidence-based approach.

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