5 Best Medical Website Designs in Australia

best medical websites

With the whole world shifting ourselves to the digital realm, it has never been more important for your practice to have its own, dedicated website, so your patients can easily access necessary information and make a booking. A tailored website design is meant to bring out the best of your medical practice and showcase your practice’s professionalism – and it doesn’t stop at  just the aesthetic appeal of the website! A website’s and therefore a practice’s professionalism is very well supported by its functionality features and overall user experience.


From our team at VIS, here’s our rundown on 5 of the best Australian medical website designs that tick all the required boxes for a smooth-sailing website.

 1. Children’s Health Hub


Children’s Health Hub


Children’s Health Hub is a paediatric specialist clinic with several doctors of different specialisations. Since they’re situated in a range of locations, they condense all of those locations onto one website so that you don’t need to worry about your preferred location and its corresponding website. No additional stress, only one website is needed for your convenience!

The format of the website is also very polished and easy to navigate, with menus, drop-down boxes and call-to-action buttons, all very clear to read, to help patients work through the website to end up where they intended to. With easy navigation, important information such as the practising doctors at Children’s Health Hub, how to get in touch with them or request a script, becomes hassle-free.

Plus, they’ve done an excellent job with their content – it’s SEO friendly and informative, and it enhances the user experience and makes it far more enjoyable with relevant images and icons, as well as a balance of animations for an overall, premium look on their website.

2. Ashton Avenue Dental


Ashton Avenue Dental


Ashton Avenue Dental is a local Claremont dental clinic with several dental services under their belt. Their website gives a human touch to their clinic with their practising team’s images, that are cleverly balanced with relevant stock images.

Their SEO friendly content increases their chance of being noticed on the web and their premium, luxe aesthetic on their website means that visitors on the website will stay! They’ve achieved this premium design, through the combination of a dedicated, neutral colour scheme and clear formatting with various buttons and drop-down boxes to leave some much needed breadcrumbs for users when navigating the website.

3. Bakhita Healthcare


Bakhita Healthcare


Bakhita Healthcare’s website is excellent, with a very polished aesthetic and a consistent colour scheme that invokes a professional look for the practice. The navigation throughout this NDIS website is kept simple and straightforward with the same menus and dropdown boxes that we’ve pointed out in the previous websites. However, what really sets this website apart is the tone it sets. A great medical website design really shows the practice and the team behind it and this website perfectly encapsulates the values and the vision of Bakhita Healthcare, with content and imagery that is welcoming, empathetic and kind.

4. U-Smile Dental Club

U-Smile Dental Club

U-Smile Dental Club’s website brings a luxe look and feel with a recurring chocolate and beige colour scheme that is satisfyingly on point with the interior of their clinic. Apart from the clean visuals of the website, the content they’ve chosen sets the framework for an empathetic welcome. What makes this website stand out from the crowd is that they’ve picked a video to show on their homepage that takes users on a visual journey of the clinic, starting off by walking through the front doors! This amazing aspect of their website design allows users to gauge a feel of the modern, spacious and premium setting at U-Smile.

5.Fertility Specialist Mackay

Fertility Specialist Mackay

For Fertility Specialist Mackay, their website design is also very clean, with plenty of photos of the team and stock images, easy navigation and a great colour scheme. The content on the website is written in a gentle and reassuring manner, which helps users feel safe, understood and welcome even before stepping foot in the clinic!

This showcase’s the practice’s core values front and centre. As well as this, the website places a spotlight on the main practitioner, Dr Rita Rana, and her credibility and expertise which gives the website a very special, humanising finish.

A tailored website design makes all the difference. If you’re seeking to change your game and upgrade your website design for your medical practice, put your trust in VIS Healthcare Marketing for expert advice and high quality services.

Learn how your practice can benefit from a well-crafted website to attract and retain your patients and to really show your team’s core values and vision. Don’t hesitate, contact us today or visit our website for more information.